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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate: Telvero successfully partners with real estate developers and operators to get them the right people in the right seats to help them design, build, manage, and grow their assets and companies.

Construction & Engineering: Whether you’re designing and building digital infrastructure or energy infrastructure, Telvero will find you the right specialized talent based on the project and need.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Assistants (Administrative, Executive) 

  • Architect 

  • Engineers (Building & Chief, Lead) 

  • Coordinators (Construction Services, Leasing, Permit, Project, Safety, Tenant Services) 

  • Executive Leadership 

  • Financial Analyst 

  • Interior Designer 

  • Maintenance Technician 

  • Managers (Asset, Construction, Development, Environmental, General, Human Resources, Project, Property, Safety) 

  • Property Accountant 

  • Site Acquisition Specialist 


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