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Materials Expeditor

Akron, OH (On-site) 

Contract-to-Hire (6-12 months)


The Staff Expediter is your one-stop shop for ensuring timely and accurate deliveries throughout the EPC project lifecycle, from receiving a purchase order to final project closeout.

Here's what this crucial role entails:

  • Delivery Tracking: We meticulously track all contract-required deliverables, from receipt and inspection to approval and (if necessary) return.

  • Milestone Monitoring: We keep a close eye on the supplier's production schedule, proactively identifying any potential delays and working with them to get back on track.

  • Communication Hub: We prepare and present clear schedule updates and status reports to keep the project team informed.

  • Problem-solving Partner: We assess potential delays and collaborate with suppliers to find solutions that ensure deliverables arrive when needed.

  • Logistics Liaison: We work with suppliers to ensure timely transportation and lifting plans are in place, then communicate these plans to the jobsite according to construction sequencing.

  • Delivery Management: We manage and schedule deliveries to multiple sites, acting as a bridge between the supplier and site personnel.

  • Discrepancy Resolution: We manage material deliveries on-site, identify and report any discrepancies to the supplier, and recommend solutions.

  • Documentation Champion: We ensure all final documentation is submitted to achieve payment milestones.

  • Adaptable and Reliable: We're always ready to take on additional tasks and consistently uphold all company policies and standards.



  • A bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Engineering, or a related field is required, along with at least 4 years of relevant work experience.

  • Prior experience in supply chain, material tracking, or procurement is a plus.

  • We seek candidates with a proven track record of success in procurement.

  • Excellent organization skills and proficiency in Microsoft Excel are essential.

  • You must possess strong verbal and written communication abilities.


Base salary:

$40/hr - $50/hr

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