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Commissioning Director

Orange, TX (On-site)


As our Commissioning Director, you'll be the captain of the ship, overseeing the completion, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of various facilities, from commercial buildings to industrial installations. You'll be responsible for ensuring everything meets project specifications and runs safely and efficiently.

Here are the key areas you'll lead:

  • Safety First: Champion a culture of safety by adhering to company and site policies and actively participating in safety activities.

  • Contract Compliance: Review project contracts and ensure pre-commissioning and commissioning requirements are met.

  • Client Collaboration: Coordinate closely with client operations and commissioning staff, including their DCS contractor.

  • Budget Management: Manage, control, and forecast the entire pre-commissioning and commissioning budget, including specialty subcontractors, training, and chemicals.

  • Project Planning & Procedures: Develop a deep understanding of the project plan and procedures, ensuring everything aligns with contractual requirements, and create additional procedures when needed.

  • Scheduling & Team Management: Oversee the pre-commissioning schedule, including specialty subcontractor and vendor training. Supervise project documentation and ensure field teams understand and use the tools effectively.

  • Vendor Management: Lead the review, planning, and communication of vendor requirements for commissioning efforts.

  • Commissioning Execution: Lead the development and implementation of commissioning plans, supervise the pre-commissioning team during execution, and address any issues.

  • Quality Control: Lead the acceptance/rejection of construction status and completion on equipment, inspect installed devices, and oversee testing and verification phases.

  • Documentation & Reporting: Ensure proper documentation of activities is maintained according to the clients requirements including turnover documentation.

  • Team Leadership: Lead area commissioning managers, pre-commissioning personnel, and projects for the Completions and Commissioning department, including proposal support.

  • Technical Expertise: Possess a strong understanding of various testing equipment, procedures, and control systems used in commissioning.



  • High School Diploma/GED and 11 years of Completions and/or Commissioning experience Required or - Associate Degree Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering, Construction Management, or relevant field and 9 years of Completions and/or Commissioning experience Required or - Bachelor Degree Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering, Construction Management, or relevant field and 7 years of Completions and/or Commissioning experience Required

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Proficient in Bluebeam and cloud-based software.


Experience with the following systems:

  • Steam generation / Boilers

  • Condensate treatment

  • Air compressors / Compressed Air Systems

  • Cooling towers

  • Water Treatment

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Chemical loading & storage

  • Bulk material handling[MMA1]

  • Flares

  • Firewater

  • HV, MV and LV power distribution systems

  • Telecommunications


Experience with the following systems is preferred but not required:

  • Pellet conveying & loadout

  • Railcar wash/dry/de-heeling facilities

  • Catalyst activation

  • Ground Flares

  • Buildings and Building Systems


Base Salary: 

$55/hr - $65/hr

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